What’s New in Philosophy of Sex and Love: Autumn 2016 edition


Welcome to What’s New in Philosophy of Sex and Love! These are things from the past year or so that our members and friends are writing, and in some cases reading. We’re going to host this series now here at Erotes; last year’s installment was at our main site.

Samantha Brennan, “Is Marriage Bad for Children? Rethinking the Connection between Having Children, Romantic Love, and Marriage,” with Bill Cameron, in Beyond Marriage, edited by Elizabeth Brake, Oxford University Press.

Samantha Brennan, review of Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts, Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal.

Luke Brunning, “The Distinctiveness of Polyamory,” Journal of Applied Philosophy 2016.

Shannon Dea, Beyond the Binary: Thinking About Sex and Gender (Peterborough: Broadview, 2016).

Katherine L. Goldey, Amanda R. Posh, Sarah N. Bell, and Sari M. van Anders, “Defining Pleasure: A Focus Group Study of Solitary and Partnered Sexual Pleasure…

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